Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunnism and Shiism is Misguidance

written by: Sheila Quinn
October 25, 2015

There is Sunnism, there is Shiism, and then there is Islam. Neither Sunnism nor Shiism is Islam. Islam is Islam. Both of these two sects are misguidance. Many years ago, before my sons' father divorced me I thought of myself as a "Sunni". Al humdu lillah...I identify myself now as a Muslim-I am no longer a "Sunni".

There are many things wrong with Shiism, including: making innovations in the religion-such as "celebrating" Ashura by whipping themselves, and other things which has nothing to do with The Islamic Faith.

There is also many things wrong with Sunnism, including: taqleed and fatwa.
Both groups have misguidance. We need to stick to The Qur'an and The Sunneh of Prophet Muhammad.

The guidance of Allah was completed at the time when Prophet Muhammad made Hajj. At this time Allah clearly stated in The Qur'an that the Islamic Faith was completed. Prophet Muhammad had completed his mission as the messenger of Allah. When Prophet Muhammad was dying he wanted to have something written down. Umar ibn Al Khattab-one of Prophet Muhammad's closest companions- gently objected to this by saying that The Qur'an and The Sunneh are enough for us. Apparently Prophet Muhammad understood what was meant by this and changed his mind. Allah knows best. Anything after this is not part of Islam.

There are some things that Prophet Muhammad did that was only for him to do because he was the messenger of Allah-and therefore such things should not be followed. Such things include: fasting continuously day and night -for several days- without breaking the fast; marrying more than four women; and instructing a companion of his-when he sent him as an envoy to another country.

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